Branding concept work featuring an invented men’s clothing company. Folklore is designed for the bold and gentle in all of us–but specifically for the individual that is overlooked by the typical clothier. It is for the individual who finds themselves exasperated amongst the rows of overused prints and bland solids. Simply put, there is a gap in men’s clothing that prevents many individuals from finding everyday clothing that matches their sense of identity. This concept was inspired by my brother, RJ. 



The logo was intentionally designed to be simple in appearance and complexity. The simplicity in the logo was pursued partially because folklore explores that which is not. The font, “La Luxes” is clean and easily legible but with rich curves ascending into the serif–mirroring the weaves in fabrics that are dispersed throughout the concept. The arch, connecting the “k” and “l” represent the connection between personal identity and fashion; it also serves to create a sense of wholeness and thus comfort that otherwise is absent with a text-based logo.


Color Scheme &

The color scheme for Folklore was inspired by the rich hues one finds flowing through the reams of fabrics in the glorious, and sometimes overwhelming, fabric warehouses.

I chose both warm and cool hues but ultimately leaned warm. I chose colors that could be used more/less frequently depending on the season but that ultimately meld well for design harmony.